Shop for Japanese seafood on the new Emporium Shokuhin online store

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    Emporium Shokuhin, the Japanese seafood and produce store at Marina Square has launched an e-shop to allow customers to shop online. Enjoy fresh Japanese produce, seafood, meats, snacks and even Japanese alcohol delivered straight to your doorstop, at just one click away.

    You’ll find Japanese fruits and vegetables imported directly from Japan, such as the seasonal Mizuna vegetables ($6.90 per pack of 200g), Kousui Pears ($13.90 for 2) and Donut Peaches ($6.95 per box) on the online shop. Meat wise, choose from A4 Kagoshima Brisket Shabu Shabu ($26 for approx 100g) – great for hotpot or the premium A5 Miyazaki Steak at $92 for a 200-230g slab. Since Emporium Shokuhin is well know for its live seafood, we checked out what’s on offer. We found quite a good selection including Boston lobster, Alaskan King crab, French oysters and grouper. There are also seafood BBQ packs if you’re planning on holding a year-end grill party.

    Apart from the online store, the site also offers recipes, restaurant guides to help you whip up a delicious Japanese meal at home. So if you’re planning a year-end get-together this festive season, check out the Emporium Shokuhin at



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