Kang Kang Express Meal Kit is an instant meal using fresh noodles

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    Kang Kang Express Meal Kit. Laksa

    Fancy a bowl of curry noodles but too lazy to get out of the house? You can consider a pack of Kang Kang Express Meal Kit during these sluggish moments the next time. Featuring 3 local flavours – Prawn Mee Soup, Curry Mee, and Laksa, these instant meals can be prepared in just a couple of minutes.

    The Kang Kang Express Meal Kit uses a unique pasteurisation technology (a process to kill bacteria in food to make it safe to eat) for its noodles to extend its shelf life to 30 days when not refrigerated. Placing it in the fridge allows it to last up to six months. Give that the noodles are fresh, we are a little doubtful about the shelf life. And it’s not just the ridiculously long shelf life they are proud of. According to the producers, TSK Foods, all the Meal Kit uses natural ingredients and is free from preservatives. The noodles are ready to use straight out of the pack and do not require any washing or blanching.

    “Fresh noodles typically have a two-day shelf life at room temperature or at most a week in the fridge, hence it cannot be exported. However, with our patented pasteurisation technology, we have managed to create these convenient ready-to-eat meals which have no preservatives yet maintain the wholesome flavours of time-honoured recipes across generations,” says Raymond Tan, Executive Director of TSK Foods.

    Kang Kang Express Meal Kit
    You can cook these inside a microwave or over a stove

    You can either heat up these meal kits in a microwave by adding water and mixing the supplied spice paste and noodles provided or cook it over a stove like how you would normally cook a pack of instant noodles.

    Of course, these packets doesn’t come with all the garnishes. It is basically providing you a quick and easy way to prepare the noodles with the broth. We are not sure whether to call them instant noodles or pre-pack meals but here are the 3 Kang Kang Express Meal Kit flavours and its suggested garnishes:

    Prawn mee soup

    The freshly ground paste contains flavours of prawns, hints of citrusy lemongrass, galangal (blue ginger) and hae bee (dried shrimps). The pack comes with fried shallots (which we normally add a lot of when we order from the hawker stalls) for that finishing touch.

    Suggested garnishes: Fresh prawns, fishcake, beansprouts, kang kong and cilantro.

    Curry mee

    To achieve the intense taste of curry gravy, the spice paste in the curry mee pack contains lemongrass, chilli, garlic, shallot and galangal is paired with coconut powder to give it a well-rounded flavour.

    Suggested garnishes: Long beans, tau kwa (firm beancurd), shredded chicken, boiled potatoes and curry leaves.

    Kang Kang Express Meal Kit, Prawn Mee Soup
    Prawn Mee Soup
    Kang Kang Express Meal Kit, Curry Mee
    Curry Mee


    There are already a lot of laksa flavoured instant meals, like the ones from Prima Taste, but Kang Kang’s version comes with rice vermicelli. The Laksa spice paste consists of flavours like coconut, daun kesom (laksa leaf) and chilli.

    Suggested garnishes: Fishcakes, hardboiled eggs, fresh prawns, beansprouts and taupok (dried beancurd) and laksa leaves.

    We have not tasted these yet but we will soon, just to see how close the flavours are to the ones you find in hawker centres. Each Express Meal Kit costs S$2.95 and are now available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets.