Keyaki weekend brunch now comes with free flow bubbly

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    Keyaki Weekend Brunch

    As if weekends aren’t already awesome, they just got a little better. Get sparkling with Keyaki’s refreshed kaiseki-style Bubbly Brunch at the Pan Pacific, featuring a curated menu of 40 dishes created by Master Chef Hiroshi Ishii.

    What’s so special about this weekend brunch?

    The weekend brunch menu comes in the form of eight courses – each offering five delicious options. Every guest can customise their own menu and make it truly their own. Of course, it wouldn’t be a bubbly brunch without a few drinks. The menu comes with an unlimited offer drinks, including Laurent Perrier Brut NV ChampagneSparkling Akazaru ShochuMio Sparkling SakeManzairaku Kaga Umeshu Soda and Tiger Beer.

    Keyaki Weekend Brunch

    Why Keyaki?

    Keyaki is a Japanese restaurant at the Pan Pacific Singapore. It serves freshly sourced, authentically prepared, and immaculately presented sashimi, teppanyaki, and sukiyaki. Besides the culinary treats, you can also look forward to atmospheric highlights, such as the beautifully sculpted Japanese garden including koi pond. Keyaki’s Tatami floor will also transport you to Japan.

    The restaurant has an Okonomi concept, which is a Japanese term that translates into ‘as you like it’ or ‘your preference’. Simply put, it stands for a customisable dining experience, which also applied their weekend bubbly brunch.

    What’s on the menu?

    The refreshed menu includes 20 new dishes, including Grilled Salmon with Soy Milk Skin (full list below). One of Keyaki’s signature dishes is available during the Bubbly Brunch, the Inaniwa Udon from Akita Prefecture. It is thinner and smoother than other Udon noodles, making it a delightful treat. The Steamed Oysters topped with Tofu Refuse, balances the briny taste of the fresh oysters with an ingredient typically used in traditional Japanese cuisine, the pulp from the soy milk and tofu to give this dish a textured finish. The hearty Simmered Beef and Vegetables with Sukiyaki Sauce in ‘Yanagawa’ Style dish highlights the robust flavours of the dashi.

    Keyaki Weekend Brunch

    Keyaki Weekend Brunch Menu 

    (Guests may choose one option per course)

    • Boiled Spinach with Sesame Sauce*
    • Grilled Eggplant with Sweet Miso Paste*
    • Japanese Omelette with Eel
    • Seared Beef with Ponzu Sauce
    • Prawn and Avocado with Wasabi Sauce*


    • Shake (Salmon)
    • Hotate (Scallop)
    • Amaebi (Sweet Prawn)
    • Hamachi (Yellowtail)
    • Steamed Chicken topped with Orange Sauce*


    • Teriyaki Cod
    • Grilled Chicken Wings*
    • Grilled Mackerel
    • Grilled Salmon with Soy Milk Skin*
    • Grilled Scallop with Spicy Cod Roe Sauce


    • Steamed Pork with Soy Milk Skin
    • Steamed Oysters topped with Tofu Refuse*
    • Steamed Egg Custard*
    • Simmered Beef and Vegetables with Sukiyaki Sauce in ‘Yanagawa’ Style*
    • Simmered Deep Fried Bean Curd with Onion*


    • Tempura
    • Deep-fried Scallop with Minced Prawn* Deep-fried Chicken*
    • Deep-fried Crabmeat with Cream Sauce*
    • Deep-fried Minced Meat*


    • Beef Chicken
    • Prawn
    • Scallop
    • Japanese Savoury Pancake*


    • California Roll
    • Udon with Deep-fried Bean Curd*
    • Grilled Japanese Rice Cake*
    • Garlic Fried Rice *
    • Inaniwa Udon*


    • Fruits
    • Tofu Cheese Cake
    • Green Tea Ice Cream
    • Red Bean Ice Cream
    • Japanese Confection*
    • Weekend Brunch at Keyaki

    *new items

    Keyaki – Pan Pacific Singapore

    Address: Level 4, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595
    When: Every weekend (and public holidays)
    Time: 11.30am – 2.30pm
    Price: $75 per person (Non-Alcohol), $135 per person (including unlimited Laurent Perrier Brut NV Champagne, Mio Sparkling Sake, Akazaru Sparkling Shochu, Manzairaki Kaga Umeshu Soda, Tiger Beer, and Selected Sake, Red and White Wines)


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