Tuna donburi specialty restaurant Kuro Maguro opens at Tanjong Pagar

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    kuro maguro
    Kuro Maguro Toro Uni Meshi donburi

    If you’re into Japanese food, we think you’re going to love Kuro Maguro.

    The newly opened Kuro Maguro, which means bluefin tuna, specialises in donburi, particularly tuna donburi. You can have your tuna in sashimi style or served with sushi rice.

    Kuro Maguro - sashimi
    Three Cut Sashimi — work your way up the marbling index

    Our favourite was the Sansyoku Meshi ($32.80) which features three cuts of tuna: akami (lean maguro), chutoro (fatty maguro) and ootoro (extra fatty maguro). The fish was incredibly fresh and did not have the usual metallic taste that puts some people off tuna. The rice was definitely worth a mention too. Soft and fluffy, it had just the right amount of vinegar to balance off the fish. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy the donburi but we would recommend you work your way up the marbling index by starting with the leanest akami sashimi first, followed by the chutoro and ootoro.

    The Toro Aburi Meshi ($32.80) flame-seared premium maguro, consisting of both sliced and tuna chunks is also one of our favourites. The flame imparts a hint of smokiness to the fatty fish that simply melts in your mouth.

    Kuro Maguro
    The chef holds up a large piece of the fish during a tuna cutting demo at the Kuro Maguro
    Grilled Tuna Collar from Kuro Maguro
    The meaty grilled tuna collar ($34) is something we will definitely order again when we go back.

    If you don’t want to spend too much on your donburi meal, try the classic barachirashi at $18.80. it’s quite a varied bowl consisting of an assortment of cubed sashimi. Apart from donburi, Kuro Maguro also serves side dishes like Tempura,  Dried Squid, Agedashi Tofu and Hohoniku Karaage (fried tuna cheek, $16).

    Despite the premium fish you get at Kuro Maguro, the restaurant is able to keep prices affordable as it imports its own tuna and other sashimi from Japan. That’s all thanks to the man behind the restaurant Misaki Megumi Suisan, who also operates fishing trawlers in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, allowing the restaurant to cut fees imposed by the middle man.

    Kuro Maguro is located at Tanjong Pagar, next to Hattendo.

    Kuro Maguro

    #01-04 7 Wallich Street

    Singapore, 078884 Singapore

    Tel: 6386-8561