Try LA cuisine at the new KARA Café & Dessert Bar in Bukit Timah

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    KARA cafe and dessert bar

    Some of us may remember Singapore’s very first Sogurt outlet, which opened about 7 years ago.

    Located along Bukit Timah Road, a 5-minute walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT Station, the dessert bar specialises in self-serve frozen yogurt (or froyo), where diners can experiment with its 50 or flavours, toppings and size of serving in a fun, do-it-yourself kind of way.

    Fast forward to today, Sogurt has morphed into a full-fledged café offering a variety of dishes, drinks and desserts. And yes, its yummy froyo offering is still available. It has also been renamed KARA Café & Dessert Bar.

    KARA cafe and dessert bar
    KARA cafe is located near Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road
    KARA cafe logo
    The hebrew word ‘Kara’ means being in the right place at the right time. The unique logo has a door to symbolise the meaning of the word as well as a stylised letter ‘K’

    To mark its new menu, KARA is given a nice sprucing up décor wise. From the customised flora-themed wallpaper and furniture, to the use of pastel pinks and greens, the place feels fresh, chic and gives off certain girly charms.

    The new menu is surprisingly varied and not with the usual run-of-the-mill dishes.

    Okonomiyaki truffle tots, KARA cafe and dessert bar
    Okonomiyaki truffle tots
    Pork belly miso bowl, KARA cafe and dessert bar
    Pork belly miso bowl
    Coco Cashew Pomelo Bowl, KARA cafe and dessert bar
    Coco cashew pomelo bowl
    Korean fried chicken wings, KARA cafe and dessert bar
    Korean fried chicken wings

    Take its specialty, the grain bowls,  for instance. They combine ingredients in a way that brings out different flavours and textures in every mouthful. Our favourite grain bowl was the pork belly miso ($16). It comes with fork tender kakuni pork belly, edamame, a soft boiled egg, crispy noodle bits and seaweed strips served on Japanese rice.

    Vegetarians can opt for the Coco Cashew Pomelo bowl ($13), which consists of a refreshing blend of coconut curry, cashew nuts, black tofu, kale chips, avocado and a sprinkling of pomelo. Ask for a little dressing to go with yours, as ours was on the dry side.

    The Tomato Miso soup ($6) is rather unusual too, thanks to the addition of miso cream. The result is a light and tart broth with a touch of creaminess.

    Owner Lee Li Ping said that the new menu is inspired by her travels and favourite cafes around the world, particularly the city of Los Angeles, with an eclectic mix of the many ethnic diversities such as Japanese, Thai, Mexican, American and Korean.

    To complete your meal, have a go at the DIY froyo. There are interesting flavours like Maple Lavender, Rose Lychee and Dark Chocolate to choose from. We were pleasantly surprised that the Dark Chocolate soft-serve was actually froyo and not ice cream – as it’s so creamy and rich, with just the right hint of bitterness. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

    Among the fruity flavours, the Strawberry Thyme is our favourite as it is tart as froyo should be. We were happy having it on its own without adding any toppings. But if you prefer yours with, there’s lots to choose from, including fresh fruits, rice crisps, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, granola, gummy bear and more – the works, really.

    Matcha mochi waffles with strawberry thyme froyo, KARA cafe and dessert bar
    Matcha mochi waffles with strawberry thyme froyo
    S'mores Sensation, KARA cafe and dessert bar
    S’mores Sensation
    Imported beers from KARA cafe and dessert bar
    The cafe also curates unique beers from around the world

    If you prefer warm desserts, try out the S’more Sensation ($12.50) served on a skillet, a chewy yet crispy mochi waffle topped with your choice of froyo and a warm chocolate sauce. We recommend you share it with someone as the serving is rather generous.


    KARA Café & Dessert Bar

    Address: 617, Bukit Timah Road

    Opening hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm daily

    Phone: +65 6468-8940