It’s Gong Cha no more as LiHo takes over all outlets in Singapore

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    LiHo Singapore
    Image: Edited from LiHoSG facebook page

    Gong Cha is so popular in Singapore that they probably served enough milk teas to fill a Singapore reservoir. They are so sought after that they actually have 80 outlets peppered all over Singapore. But come 5 June 2017, it will be Gong Cha no more, as all its outlets will be rebranded as LiHo.

    According to The Straits Times, the courageous move to rebrand all Gong Cha outlets to LiHo is made by the very same man who introduced Gong Cha to Singapore a few years back, Mr Rodney Tang. The decision certainly didn’t come easy for the businessman as the Gong Cha brand rakes in $30 million annually.

    The main motivation to rebrand Gong Cha was due to the recent change in ownership of the parent company in Taiwan, Royal Tea Taiwan. It was sold off to Gong Cha Korea owned by Japanese private equity firm Unison Capital. Mr Tang decided to go for a made-in-Singapore creation with a new menu instead of abiding by the new terms.

    LiHo or 哩喝, which is Hokkien for, “How are you?” will offer a new menu that features cheese tea drinks. Mr Tang has assured fans of Gong Cha that LiHo’s teas will be of a good quality, if not better than the brew currently used for Gong Cha.

    We will be trying them out soon.