Louis Vuitton fried chicken fined for trademark infringement

    Louis Vuitton Dak takeaway carton.

    Fancy some Louis Vuitton fried chicken? A South korean restuarant must have thought that branded poultry would be a huge appeal to diners and decided to name his restaurant ‘Louis Vuitton Dak’, which is a play on the world ‘whole chicken’ in Korean. It even designed a logo similiar to the luxury brand and printed it on its napkins and takeaway cartons.

    Unforutnately for Kim, the restaurant owner, Louis Vuitton was not impressed with his creativity and filed a case against him in September, saying the use of the company name to sell fried chicken was damaging to the brand. Louis Vuitton, the fashion label — not the chicken — won.

    Image source: Mike DelGaudlo
    Image source: Mike DelGaudlo

    However, this didn’t deter Kim who responded by changing the restaurant name to ‘chaLouisvui tondak’. But his defence that the names were differentiated enough did not hold up. Kim was ordered to pay the fashion house 14.5 million won or S$16.7K for the 29 days the new name was displayed.