Your kids will love these McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes that are also VR headsets

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    McDonald’s Happy Meals are going to get “happier” now that the boxes used to pack the meal can be turned into a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

    Taking a leaf from Google Cardboard’s book, the global fast food chain has designed an ingenious low-cost VR cardboard headset made out of its popular Happy Meals boxes. Called “Happy Goggles”, the headset is assembled by folding a Happy Meal box into a pair of goggles, then sliding a lens pack that comes with the meal into the folded box and subsequently fitting in your smartphone to complete the assembly. Check out the video above for full instructions.

    “The idea came about, quite simply, by folding the usual Happy Meal box in a new way,” the company said in its press release. “The result, with the addition of a pair of lenses, turned into the VR Happy Goggles. When combined with a smartphone, the Happy Goggles lower the threshold so that everybody can afford to experience VR.”

    For now, McDonald’s Happy Goggles will be available in 14 restaurants in Sweden and sold over only first two weekends of March. Only 3,500 headsets will be available for sale, each costing about S$5.50.

    Together with the Happy Goggles, McDonald’s is also launching a VR skiing game called “Slope Stars”, a
    360° ski experience allowing the user to open the doors to a world of fantasy, fun and how to stay safe
    in the ski slopes. The game is endorsed by the Swedish National Ski Team can be found on

    Well, we are definitely getting a few of these “Happy Goggles”, meal or not, when it hits Singapore. One little suggestion: request for the food to be placed separately on the tray or risk having your goggle smell like soggy french fries.