Sedap Nasi Lemak Burger and Chendol McFlurry from McDonald’s coming our way!

    Hey, want a Nasi Lemak fix? Head to McDonald’s!

    Yes, you heard right – McDonald’s. That’s because the fast food restaurant is offering Nasi Lemak Burger from 13 July for a limited time only.

    The Nasi Lemak Burger features a thick coconut-flavoured fried chicken thigh patty, fried egg, caramelised onions and cucumber slices topped with sambal sauce served between semolina buns. The Nasi Lemak Burger cost $5.95, while the Extra Value Meal goes for $7.80.

    And while you’re at it, order a Chendol McFlurry (from $3) to pair with the spicy burger. It consists of vanilla ice cream, chendol jelly, drizzled with a sweet, aromatic gula melaka sauce all round.

    chendol McFlurry
    The Chendol McFlurry starts from $3

    The Chendol flavoured ice cream is also available in a cone. Enjoy the Chendol Melaka Cone and Chendol Melaka Twist from $1 each or the Chendol Melaka ChocoCone from S$1.20.

    McDonald's chendol cones
    Three Chendol-flavoured cones to choose from, starting from $1.20

    Sounds so sedap! We can’t wait to try them all!

    Image: McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page




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