Kam’s Roast’s new marinated duck is the reason why you should return to the Michelin-starred restaurant

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    Kam's Roast marinated duck

    We used to know exactly what to order at Kam’s Roast. Some of its duck and maybe a serving of its beautifully charred but pricey toro char siew ($22.80 per portion) made from premium pork belly, on the side. After all, the Michelin-starred eatery from Hong Kong is famous for these 2 dishes. But recently, that ordering process just got a little trickier, thanks to the newly added marinated items to its menu.

    Kam's Roast Toro char siew
    Toro char siew
    Kam's Roast roast duck
    Roast duck

    We’re not complaining, as new additions, especially the marinated duck is darn delicious – good enough to rival its roast duck. So it’s really quite a toss up. The marinated duck ($18.80 for around 4 people) is made from a blend of homemade sauce using dried spices and soya sauce. The result is a clear, light brown sauce, rather than the starchy gravy you get from the usual marinated duck rice places. The surprisingly thing was this clear, light sauce was actually very tasty and coated the duck meat well. Some people avoid eating duck meat as it can be rather fatty but the cuts used here were pretty lean with the occasional fat under skin – totally acceptable.

    Kam's Roast marinated duck
    The glistening whole marinated duck
    Kam's Roast marinated duck all items
    Marinated items from the new menu.

    Other than the duck, Kam’s Roast also added two other marinated dishes to the menu – marinated egg and tofu.We’re not exaggerating when we say that everything sitting in the sauce turned out well! The egg ($1.80 each), marinated with the shells off, took on the savoury flavours of the sauce, while still retaining its eggy freshness. As for the tofu ($4.80 per portion), we simply loved how smooth and tender it was. The whole idea of the light marinate was not to overpower the natural flavours of the ingredients.

    Kam's Roast marinated duck wings
    Duck wings


    If you’re in the mood for some duck meat, definitely check out Kam’s Roast. But you’ll have call the quacks whether to go with the roast or marinated duck – or both.

    Kam’s Roast

    Address: 9 Scotts Road, #01-04 Republic Plaza, Singapore 228210
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