This MILO is made for adults

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    Milo Nutri G bottle

    For adults, the next time you order a Milo, make sure it’s a Milo Nutri G. Though we are not sure why this new Milo drink is tailored for adults, Milo Nutri G seems legit even for teenagers as it incorporates four different whole grains – oats, brown rice, barley and wheat.

    If you grew up with the chocolatey drink and the jingle “It’s marvellous what MILO can do for you”, this new smooth and creamy drink is definitely another healthier option to consider. According to Nestle, two bottles of MILO Nutri G contain the fibre equivalent of one bowl of rolled oats. The new drink is targeted at the busy working Singaporeans who hardly have time for meals like breakfast.

    Milo Nutri G bottle and ingredients

    Oh, make sure yours is chilled. As with other MILO products, shake well before guzzling it down. MILO Nutri G is now available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores at S$1.20 per bottle and S$6.95 for a pack of six.