Check out the pretty DIY Ferris Wheel at Miryoku Bistro

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    European-Japanese restaurant Miryoku Bistro at Stadium Walk is launching a brand new menu and the dishes are quite a looker!

    You know you’re in for a treat when your menu is specially curated by Italian chef Vincenzo, who has been a professional chef for more than 20 years, including at 5-star luxury hotel resorts.

    One particularly photogenic dish is the Miryoku Bistro DIY Ferris Wheel, which consists of a choice of canapés presented in the form of a ferris wheel. Like its name suggests, you get to choose from a variety of canapés such as foie gras, aburi hotate with caviar, salmon tobikko, ikura, salmon mentai, chirashi, ebi cocktail and negitoro.

    DIY Ferris Wheel from Miryoku Bistro
    DIY Ferris Wheel
    Miryoku Bistro Chirashi

    For something more substantial, there’s the Premium Donburri which consists of Koro Koro beef steak slices, paired with pan-seared foie gras served on a bed of soft Hokkaido rice. There’s also the Okonomiyaki Pizza — a crowd-pleaser combining Osaka street food with Italian staple, pizza.

    Want to have a taste of chef Vincenzo’s speciality? Order the homemade truffle ravioli — a stuffed pasta made in-house with the chef’s secret recipe.

    Miryoku Bistro Truflle Mushroom Ravioli
    Truflle Mushroom Ravioli
    Miryoku Bistro Okonomiyaki Pizza
    Okonomiyaki Pizza

    Miryoku Bistro

    Address: #01 – 40,  Kallang Leisure Park, 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore (397693)

    Phone:  +65 6909 0908

    Opening hours: 11am – 11pm (daily)