Misen is crowdfunding a knife that can last you a lifetime

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    Man cutting tomatoes with Misen chef knife

    The most important tool in the kitchen is finally getting a dose of technology. Misen wants to make a high-tech premium quality knife that not only slice like a dream but lasts a lifetime for home cooks and aspiring chefs.

    The Misen team – Omar Rada, industrial designer Peter Muller, and Josh Moses is creating a knife that is of high quality, attractively designed (it looks like a typical chef knife by the way) and affordable by manufacturing and delivering it straight to you. And after hundreds of sketches, several prototypes and a lot of cutting, the team believes that they finally have the solution. According to them, the knife’s thermoplastic handle is able to provide proper grip and comfort while the high carbon steel blade that incorporates features from Japanese and Western-styled knives is perfect for chopping, slicing and cutting.

    Parts of the Misen Chef Knife

    Any chef or home cook knows that there is nothing more hazardous than having a dull knife. Misen have undertaken the huge responsibility to keep your knife sharp for life. Come again? Yes, Misen is planning on offering free lifetime knife sharpening. So, no worries if you have no idea how to use a sharpening steel or sharpening stone. The caveat is you having to pay for the shipping both ways.

    The Misen Chef Knife is going for US$55 (S$77) and Misen is confident that they can start shipping these knives starting from March 2016. To back the project, go to Misen: Cook Sharp.