We now know the most popular beer in every country

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    Travelling the world may not be the most affordable thing out there, which means we can’t afford to throw our money away on lousy beer. Good thing someone has come up with a beer map to help us.

    Vinepair, a company focused on drinking knowledge, recently came up with an infographic to help beer lovers pick the beers that are most popular in whichever country they’re in. Some countries such as Mongolia, the Central Asian countries, and some African countries are excluded due to a lack of data.

    Of course, we’re only assuming the most popular beers in each country are also the most yummy, but it could also mean that it’s the most bang-for-buck. Nevertheless, it’s a good list to keep for reference when on the road.

    Obviously, it would be incredibly difficult to verify the accuracy of this infographic, but truth be told, we don’t really care. What’s certain is that we now have a pretty comprehensive list of “must-try” beers from around the world.

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    Vinepair's infographic on the best beer in every country (credit: Vinepair)