13 must-buy food items from Lotte Mart in Seoul

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    Korean supermarket snacks you can buy

    After all that skincare products shopping at Myeongdong, we couldn’t be more excited to step into Lotte Mart for some snack and goodie shopping!

    Lotte Mart is no secret among tourists who can often be seen buying snacks and instant noodles by the boxes. But since luggage space is always an issue, here are some must-buy items from Lotte Mart.

    Crown Butter Waffles

    Crown Butter Waffles
    Crown Butter Waffles is a must-buy and a great gift.

    These simple looking butter waffles that come in an old school looking box are seriously good. They are buttery, crispy and has just the right thickness. It’s heavenly paired with a few scoops of ice cream or simply eaten on its own. We didn’t have the chance to try other brands of butter waffles but we’re fine with that as Crown’s simply too good. A large box of 12 individual packs (3 in each pack) costs around $4.50.

    Ready-to-eat Samyetang

    Instant samyetang from Lotte Mart
    There is an entire chicken inside!

    Ready-to-eat Korean ginseng chicken soup that you can simply heat up and enjoy. Just pop the bag unopened into boiling water for about 10-15 minutes or pour the content of the bag into a bowl and microwave. Most of them comes with the chicken inside. Yes a whole chicken! The only downside is that, it’s rather heavy so we’re limited to only 1 or 2 packs  per person. Each pack costs between $8-$12 depending on the size of the chicken. A 500-600g pack is good for one, whereas anything above 800g is good for sharing between 2 people.

    Other pre-cooked meals

    Instant Tteokbokki from Lotte Mart
    Instant Tteokbokki.

    Why stop at ready-to-eat samyetang? Choose from kimchi stews to tteokbokki. Just heat them up and dinner’s ready. Prices range from $4-$7 each.

    Instant noodles

    While Korean instant noodles are readily available in Singapore, you get a lot more variety at Lotte Mart. Go ga-ga over the selection which includes spicy kimchi to beef soup to seafood soup.

    Honey Butter Nuts

    wasabi almonds from lotte mart
    These nuts are now everywhere in Seoul.

    Most of us are familiar with honey butter almonds, cashews or mixed nuts by now. They now also come in wasabi or churro- flavoured almonds, which we love even more as they are less sweet compared to the honey butter flavour. If you have space in your luggage, grab a few bags to help you save a couple of dollars compared to buying it in Singapore.

    Korean Fried Chicken crackers

    Korean fried chicken snack from lotte mart
    If you can’t buy the fried chicken back, buy the snack.

    Korean fried chicken is a hot favourite and this is exactly what this spicy fried chicken flavoured crackers is cashing on. We didn’t find the crackers nearly as flavoursome as Korean fried chicken but the cracker’s cute shape — each is made to look like a chicken drumstick and awesome crunch — are bound to bring you loads of amusement. Around $2 for a box.

    Citron tea

    citron tea from Jeju
    For best results, mix and place in freezer. Pour yourself a glass when it is almost frozen.

    Drank warm or ice-cold, this popular citron tea is best with rich snacks or as a pre-bedtime drink. We especially like it icy cold on a hot afternoon. Just mix a sachet or 2 tablespoons into a cup of lukewarm water, stir well and pop it into the freezer until almost freezing. Get the indivudally-packed sachets that come in a box of 10 or 12 if the jar is too heavy to carry home.

    Dried seaweed

    seaweed for sprinkling on rice
    You can sprinkle these on rice, noodles and soups.

    You won’t miss it – most supermarkets haves a whole isle devoted to just bags and bags of dried seaweed. We also like getting flavoured seaweed sprinkle to eat with plain rice or sprinkle it over soups.

    Real Cheese Chips

    MarketO cheese chips
    Once you start on MarketO cheese chips you can’t stop!

    Cheese lovers will not be able to resist this. Each perfectly shaped round chip tastes like a mild-flavoured cheese chart. While you can also find this in some specialised Korean supermarkets in Singapore, it generally costs more than double.

    Banana milk

    This seems to be one of the most popular milk brands around South Korea. Try the fragrant banana-flavoured milk or Strawberry-flavoured one.

    Pickled kimchi and banchan

    This is the place to be if you can’t get enough of kimchi and banchan. There is a large selection at Lotte Mart. You might not be familiar with some of them but do ask for a sample if anything catches your fancy. We sampled some small pickled crabs which looked scary at first but turned out to be absolutely delicious.

    Sunbites Hot and Spicy Chips

    Sunbites from Lotte Mart in Seoul
    This is the Korean version of the Grain Waves snack. The chips are slightly thinner than Grain Waves and you can chomp down a pack pretty quickly.

    This is the korean version of the well-loved Australian Grain Waves chips, just thinner, crispier and oh-so-tasty. Pop one of these multi-grain chips into your mouth and you won’t be able to stop.

    Seasonal fruits

    Remember to check out the fruit in season at Lotte Mart. In Autumn, you’ll get to enjoy the sweetest and juiciest persimmons and kyoho grapes, which are round and deep purple in colour. I also saw these beautifully adorned watermelons at another supermarket, which cost around S$40 each.

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    Lotte Mart at Seoul Station

    Address: 432, Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
    Click her for all other Lotte Mart branches.



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