Move over pineapple tarts, try some Pork Crackling this CNY

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    Tired of the usual CNY snacks like love letter, pineapple tart and fried crab stick?  We know a new snack you can try – it’s Pork Crackling chips from Crackle. Ok, it isn’t any healthier than the other calorie-laden goodies, but isn’t Chinese New Year a time to indulge?

    Produced in Australia, Pork Crackling are handcooked and come nicely packaged in 30g packs. This high-protein snack comes in three different flavours: Balsamic Vinegar, which is slightly smoky and tart in flavour, Chilli, for a spicy kick and Sea Salt, which is lightly seasoned with salt. We can imagine ourselves devouring a whole bag in one sitting and washing it down with an ice-cold beer.

    You can buy Pork Crackling at Huber’s Butchery at $3.50 per pack.

    While you’re shopping at Huber’s, also check out their new range of chocolate drinks from Grounded Pleasures. Some of the exciting flavours include Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate, Straight Up Cocoa and Real White Drinking Chocolate. Prices start from around $11.

    Online delivery is only available for orders above $75.

    Grounded Pleasures range of cocoa drinks start from around $11 a pack.
    Grounded Pleasures range of chocolate drinks start from around $11 a pack.

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