Newly-opened Nookie yogurt looks set to rival llao llao

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    nookie frozen yogurt singapore

    The latest frozen yogurt sensation is not from Seoul or Spain — but from our very own backyard — Singapore.

    Those who like their froyo with lots of toppings will probably love Nookie. The 8 souped-up flavours they offer are chock-full of fresh fruit, sauces and an assortment of crispies and crumbles — all made fresh daily. Its signature Red Velvet parfait (sure looks like one) is topped with strawberry, banana, chocolate sauce and a generous sprinkling of red velvet crumbs. Also popular are the Apple Berry Crumble (apple pie filling, pineapple, salted caramel sauce, mixed berry sauce) and Blueberry Passionfruit Cheescake (blueberries, banana, blueberry mint jelly, passionfruit spheres, blueberry cheesecake sauce). Nookie’s froyo combinations cost $6.90 each.

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    It’s too early to tell how Nookie will swirl up against popular Spanish froyo llao llao, located just 5 minutes away at Plaza Singapura. But judging from the queue when we went past Nookie at evening time on its opening day (24 February), it seems the homegrown dessert bar is gaining fans — fast.

    Owner Jamie has great ambitions for Nookie, saying she plans to open more outlets along Orchard Road, adding she’s confident her creations will win the hearts and tastebuds of customers.

    Nookie Yogurt
    1 Selegie Road
    #01-04 PoMo
    Singapore 188306



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