Beef connoisseur Niku Katsumata celebrates first-year anniversary with exquisite set meals

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    Niku Katsumata Ebisu Course
    Niku Katsumata Ebisu Course

    If you think grilling meat can only be done on an iron grill, then think again. Most people expect to walk into a yakiniku restaurant that is smoky with a charred meat smell. To our surprise, when we entered Niku Katsumata, a 28-seater on Duxton Road, we were greeted with a subtle grilled beef aroma sans the smokiness. We soon found out why as we were led to our seats. The premium meats are expertly grilled by the amiable restaurant staff on a special crystal plate over low flames in front of the guests.

    Niku Katsumata prides itself on the quality of the meats it imports from Kagoshima, Japan and wants to ensure that guests savour the tender, moist meat with every bite.

    The restaurant cooks the premium wagyu meat over a crystal plate
    The restaurant cooks the premium wagyu meat over a crystal plate, accentuating the taste of the meat while keeping it moist and tender

    We tried the generously sized 7-dish Katsumata Course which included the following:

    • Starter: today’s special of Japanese peach and ham and simmered beef tendon
    • Appetizer: homemade kimchi and marinated vegetables
    • Sashimi: Kagoshima wagyu beef and liver sashimi
    • Salad: Chinese cabbage salad topped with umami seaweed
    • Yakiniku of selected meats (150 grams): beef tongue, assorted wagyu beef, black pork loin, wagyu beef fillet
    • Rice/Noodle: wagyu beef curry or chicken noodle soup
    • Dessert: black sesame ice cream
    Wagyu selection from the Ebisu course menu
    Wagyu selection from the Katsumata course menu

    Our favourites?

    Naturally, we enjoyed the grilled meat which were nicely accentuated by a selection of imported British rock salt, freshly made marinade, or a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The Wagyu beef fillets stood out because they were incredibly tender and juicy. Just when we thought the highlight of the course was over, we were suitably impressed by the light but flavourful chicken soba soup served to top off our meal.

    We were also pleasantly surprised by the humble Chinese cabbage sprinkled with dried seaweed salad. The seaweed raised the umami levels of the lightly seasoned shredded cabbage and helped whet our appetites while we waited for our meat platter.


    Chinese cabbage salad sprinkled with dried seaweed
    Chinese cabbage salad sprinkled with dried seaweed
    Chicken soba at Niku Katsumata
    Chicken soba

    For its 1-year anniversary, Niku Katsumata is running a 1-for-1 promotion from September 12-26 for its 3 set courses: Niku Course with 6 dishes ($98++), Katsuma Course with 7 dishes ($128++) and Ebisu Course with 8 dishes ($168++). Each set meal offers surprise variations, from premium Kagoshima beef to the amazingly tender black pork loin and chicken soba to wagyu donburi with bonito broth.

    Niku Katsumata

    Address: 47 Duxton Road Singapore 089511
    Phone: +65 9162 7502
    Opening Hours: 5:30pm – 11:00pm

    *Article and images by Debra Foo and Lauren Liang