Pigging out at Dojo

    Guess how Dojo stands out against the sea of burger joints in Singapore – by simply specialising only in pork burgers. Why didn’t anyone think of that earlier?

    The newly opened all-pork burger joint at Circular Road offers 8 types of pork burgers and 2 pork sandwiches, among other sides and salads. Smaller eaters can go for the Komba Bao ($6 for 2), braised pork belly wrapped in (very oily) fried mantou or Ninja ($10), which comes with a pork patty glazed with sweet teriyaki sauce.

    Dojo menu board

    Else, try the Hadoken ($13), featuring a pork patty with spicy chilli meat sauce, cheese and chopped onions topped with bacon strips (bak kwa would be nice too). Or, the mother-of-all-burgers, the Sumo ($13), a hefty burger featuring a pork patty, roasted sesame dressing, crispy batter-fried pork belly and a salad. Who’d have thought that pork could be this versatile?

    Prices at Dojo are reasonable, considering that all the burgers come with a side of fries and a drink.

    Go for the Sumo burger for the ultimate pork experience

    While not a burger, the real stars of the show are the pork grillets ($6) and pork grillets XXX ($8, fattier version). The grilled juicy pork chunks with charred outsides are the porcine version of the addictive popcorn chicken. Sinful but so good.


    72 Circular Road

    Tel: 6438 4410