Is popular Sabx2 wanton mee in Bangkok worth queuing for?

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    Sabx2 wanton mee stall at Petchuburi Soi 19
    Sabx2 wanton mee stall at Petchuburi Soi 19

    Sabx2 is not new to the many Singaporeans who frequent Bangkok. In fact, during our recent trip to Bangkok in March, we were surprised to see a long queue outside the eatery. Having overheard (unintentional eavesdropping, we swear) some of the chatter that day, we figured many of the patrons were in fact Singaporeans.

    As we entered the shop, we couldn’t help but noticed the many banners and posters notifying diners that Sabx2 does not have a branch in Singapore. The eatery located in Pratunam is the one and only original stall.

    The service was bad. We got told off for checking on our orders after waiting 20 minutes. When they finally arrived after another 10-minute wait, we realised they had sent us the wrong dish — not once but twice. How difficult was it to get “plain pork trotters” right? Instead, we got pork trotters with intestines and pork trotters with mixed offals. The pork trotters were good — it was fork-tender and very flavoursome. If only it wasn’t so expensive — a 3-person portion of the trotters with a small side of preserved vegetable cost S$16.

    The signature wanton mee, on the other, was a letdown. The large soup bowl it came in was an overkill. If anything, it only made the portion consisting of a small clamp of noodles, two wantons and a few sorry slices of char siew look miserly. The only generous ingredient in the bowl was the sprinkling of fried pork lard – it was enough to induce a heart attack. The noodles were nice and springy but a little on the dry side. We paid $4 for each bowl.

    Wanton mee at Sabx2 Bangkok
    Wanton mee at Sabx2 now only comes with one size. Small.
    Braised pig trotters at Sabx2
    Braised pig trotters with egg. You can ask them for a leaner cut.

    While we’re at the shop, we also witnessed a strange incident. The diners at the neighbouring table wanted to order extra bottles of the chrysanthemum tea but were turned down. Apparently, there was a rule limiting each person to only one chrysanthenum drink. Might as well be that way as we (again) overheard the diners complain that the drink was too sweet.

    Would we go back to Sabx2 again when we next visit Bangkok? Answer is a definite no. Bad service aside, the prices were a total rip-off. We can think of a good handful of wanton mee places in Singapore that tastes better and costs less.

    SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles

    4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok
    Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm Daily