Rokukakutei — A different kind of omakase experience

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    Making of the Angel Prawn at Rokukakutei
    Making of the Angel Prawn

    Another Michelin-starred restaurant has landed in Singapore.

    Located at Odeon Towers, Rokukakutei is a one-star Michelin Japanese restaurant specialising in food on skewers – also known as kushikatsu. It’s the perfect first-date meal where all the dishes are served in neat, manageable portions. You don’t even have use for any clanky cutlery – simply eat off the stick.

    Rokukakutei, which originated in Osaka only serves Omakase meals. You can choose from 10 skewers ($118++) or 20 ($134++). You get items such as meat, vegetables and seafood — all deep fried to a perfect crisp.

    The skewers are placed in front of you on a plate lined with a thin slice of bread – meant for soaking up excess oil (there wasn’t any). You will also be served an array of accompanying dips and sauces. The servers are trained to point each end of the skewer to the dipping sauce that goes best with the food.

    Wowed by the seafood

    Despite fiddling quite a bit to get the best shot of our food, the dishes were still steaming hot when we bit through the crispy cocoon of deep fried batter. Of the sticks we had, the seafood skewers were outstanding. Items like the Scallop and Angel Prawn retained their tenderness and umami flavours under the batter. The Salmon with chrysanthemum petals complemented each other exceptionally well, with the floral scent of the petals neutralising the natural fishiness of the salmon. For the non-seafood selection, we particularly enjoyed the chicken with perilla and croquette of green peas. In fact, anyone who could make ordinary green peas taste so good deserves an accolade.

    Go for the wine pairing, it’s worth it!

    Apart from the seafood, the restaurant also excels in their choice of wine pairing. The wine pairing menu comes with 15 skewers and a selection of wines at $288. We kicked off with a heady champagne, followed by a Sauvingnon Blanc from Napa Valley which went beautifully with the scallop and fish skewers, before finishing off with a robust red wine that paired well with the Duck and Welsh Onion. If you like wine, the pairing menu is definitely worth it.

    To our surprise, we were pretty stuffed by the time we had our 12th skewer – three more to go. As dainty as they looked, the small sticks of food really add up.

    Our only gripe was that there wasn’t any sweets to seal the meal. After all the deep fried food, a dessert would definitely break up the monotony. It didn’t help that our last course was a stick of creamy fried cheese that was rather mild-tasting. We couldn’t help but feel that the final omph to round off the meal was missing. But despite that, our Rokukakutei experience – also our first taste of kushikatsu omakase fare —  will stick in our memory for some time to come.


    331 North Bridge Road

    #01-04 Odeon Towers

    Singapore 188720

    Open: 4-11pm (daily)