What’s buzzing in Singapore’s food scene in 2015

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    The Prime Society
    Ask the sommeliers at The Prime Society for wine paring recommendations to go with your premium beef

    Move over hipster cafes and gourmet hawker stalls, as the new year brings with it a slew of refreshing and exciting new food trends. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the next wave of trends that is set to dominate our nation’s biggest obsession — food. So without further delay, let’s jump straight into our predictions of the top 5 food trends in Singapore for 2015.

     1. Robot waiters

    Infinium-serve from Infinium Robotics
    Flying robots will now serve you your dinner

    With rising cost of labour and staff crunch in the F&B service industry, it makes so much sense to turn to droids to staff our ever-growing dining establishments. Leading the revolution in Singapore is Timbre Group, which will start deploying flying robot waiters at five of its outlets as soon as 2015. Want a sneak peak of how these future restaurants and eateries will turn out – just check out our earlier feature on the world of flying robot waiters in Singapore. What we love about it: No more grouchy waiters. Maybe no more service charge too (hopeful grin).

    2. It’s a food mall

    Llaollao frozen yogurt
    Llaollao frozen yogurt at 313 Somerset

    Food – not just shopping — is becoming a big factor for people hitting the malls. Don’t believe us? Just check out the queues at Honey Crème (313 Somerset) or Spanish froyo shop Llaollao. The latter has a security guard stationed there all through its operating hours for crowd control since the day the dessert counter opened. What we love about it: Retail and gastronomic therapy? Bring it on!

     3.  Home cooking gets fancy

    Anova Precision Cooker
    Anova Precision Cooker for Sous Vide cooking at home

    Posting photos of your homemade cheesecake on Facebook is longer going to get you oohs and ahhs from friends. We are seeing a trend of home chefs upping their game by whipping up some really fancy nosh in their home kitchen – thanks to the growing popularity of high-end coffee makers (and we don’t mean the Nespresso machine), 2-in-1 steam ovens with grill and sous vide machines. What we love about it: More (fancy) pot luck parties, please.

     4. Sommelier in the house

    Tippling Club
    Tippling Club’s bar

    With some wine costing more than the food itself, it’s no wonder restaurants are getting serious about their wine offering – and making sure diners have the best food-wine pairing experience. Sommeliers like Han Yew Kong (Osteria Mozza) and Matthew Chan (Bacchanalia) are gaining recognition in the dining and wining scene, having bagged Champion of South East Asia Best Sommelier Competition 2013 and Singapore National Sommelier 2013 award respectively. The Tipping Club and The Prime Society also boast some heavyweight sommeliers. What we love about it: Breaks the rut of pairing white wine with white meat and red with red meat rule.

    5. Customisation is in

    Club Meatballs
    Design your own meatballs at Club Meatballs, China Square

    It started with drinks – think double shot latte with soy milk – and the trend is now moving into our food. And we’re not just talking about restaurants that leave out the coriander when you ask them to, but eateries that give diners serious options. Some diner-customised meal concepts include salad bar The Daily Cut at One Raffles Place as well as newly opened Club Meatballs at China Square Central and Guksu, a Korean ramen joint at Suntec City, which allows diners to choose their noodles and broth. What we love about it: Decisions, decisions, don’t we just love them?



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