Steamboat paradise at Beauty In The Pot

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    How we love a good hotpot meal. It’s always satisfying, fun and in the case of recently opened ‘Beauty In The Pot’ — offers added beauty benefits too.

    The name of the steamboat restaurant is inspired by its 2 soup bases: Beauty Collagen Broth and Spicy Nourishing Broth. The first is a milky, collagen-rich soup, which uses shark’s cartilage as the main ingredient, while the spicy nourishing broth is made by boiling pork bone and various herbs and spices including ginseng, dang gui, dang shen and dried longans. At least 6 hours go into the brewing process to produce the aromatic and dense broths. Go for either of the bases at $20 each or pay $25 for the twin (yuan yang) set.

    Chef's Special Homemade Fish Tofu
    The homemade fish tofu is a crowd pleaser

    The ingredients do not disappoint either. Apart from being fresh, they also delighted us by being unique. One of them is the homemade fish tofu. Shaped like a fish (S1.80 each), the dish is made from yellow tail fish, soya bean and egg white. It has the taste of fish and silky texture of tofu. But our favourite of the lot has to be the ebiko prawn paste. Nice and succulent aside, the tiny ebiko simply pop in the mouth when bitten into.

    Eibiko Prawn Paste
    The unique ebiko prawn paste is a must-try

    Other must-try items include the dried scallop fish paste and assorted dumpling platter ($10). If you don’t mind paying a bit more, go for the red garoupa ($28) served on a bed of ice to maintain freshness and US wagyu ribeye ($24). The beef slices have just the right amount of marbling — just make sure you don’t overcook it. If you’re thinking of ordering the drunken prawns ($26), do note that they are intoxicated but still alive when you dunk them in the hot soup.

    Red Groupa
    The red garoupa is served on a bed of ice to maintain freshness

    Beauty In the Pot is slightly on the pricey side, as a typical meal would come up to around $50 per person but we think it’s worth the money as fresh, quality ingredients don’t come cheap. Of course, the best part is when you drink the soup towards the end of the meal and taste the sweetness of all the ingredients cooked in it.

    To end the meal on an even sweeter note, the thoughtful people at Beauty In The Pot will serve you a complimentary shot glass of refreshing icy yuzu drink.

    Beauty In The Pot is located at One KM Mall, just opposite City Plaza and is owned by the Paradise Group restaurant chain.

    Beauty In The Pot

    #02-21 OneKM Mall

    Singapore 420013

    Tel: 6286 8300



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