Get high on the refreshing Sweet Touch Grapefruit Beer 台湾葡萄柚

    The new Sweet Touch Grapefruit Beer (台湾葡萄柚) can easily pass off as a fruit-flavoured soda.

    Light and refreshing, the fruit beer tastes just like a sweet, fizzy drink, without the bitterness of a regular lager. This is all thanks to the addition of more than 9% fruit juice in the drink. Other ingredients include barley malt, Farmosa rice, hops and natural flavouring.

    Sweet Touch Grapefruit

    So can you get drunk on this stuff? Well, it’s possible if you’re pretty lightweight as it has 3.5% alcohol content – though not strong by most standards.

    We find that the beer goes very well with local food, particularly, spicy food as the citrus flavour helps cut  some of the richness. Just chill it before imbibing.

    If you prefer other fruit beers, Taiwan Beer also comes in Lychee flavour and White Grape flavour. Our favourite is still the grapefruit one as it’s extra refreshing.




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