Fluffy Taiwnese cake LE Castella jiggles its way into Singapore

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    LE Castella at Tampines One mall

    Looks like Japanese desserts like Baked Cheese Tart and Pablo are not the only ones comanding a long queue. A new sponge cake shop from Taiwan called LE Castella is packing in the crowds too.

    The first LE Castella has opened at the basement of Tampines One, just a stone’s throw from the new Thai pastry shop April’s Bakery. LE Castella cakes come in three flavours: Original ($9.90), Cheese ($11.90) and Chocloate, to be launched later. They are famous from their light and jiggly texture and that nostalgic 古早味(gu zhao wei) or old school flavour that brings back memories of your childhood days.

    The cakes are indeed simple in flavours, especially the original one. It tastes somewhat like a steamed cake or ji dan gao. Slightly sweet, it has a nice eggy fragrance and is so airy and light that you can polish off a big piece without the heavy feeling. The cheese flavour has a slightly salty tinge to it and balances out the sweet flavours well. However, if you’re expecting strong cheese flavours, you’ll be disappointed. The Cheese sponge cake reminds us of a midly cheesy homemade Japanese cheese cake whipped up from a mix of cream cheese, sugar, flour and eggs. Between the Original and Cheese cake flavours, we prefer the original one for its simplicity.

    Each order of the LE Castella cake measures around 23cm by 13cm, and is cut into 10 individual pieces measured by a ruler.

    LE Castella at Tampines One mall
    We can’t even get close enough to take a picture of the cake

    Like any sponge cakes, they are exceptionally fluffy when fresh out of the oven but starts to sink a little after a while. That’s why the cakes are best eaten fresh. Otherwise, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to only 3 days as no preservatives are added.

    Are the cakes worth the wait? Well, even if you have a good 4-5 hours to spare – which is the current wait time — we recommend that you hold off until the initial hype dies down first. After all, like the cakes, we bet the hot air will eventually cool off. After which, you can take your time to enjoy this simple-tasting dessert without the ridiculous wait.

    LE Castella
    Image source: LE Castella Facebook page.

    LE Castella Singapore

    Address: Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1, #B1-32, Singapore 529536
    Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)



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