This weird Singapore event wants you to drink 4 cups of teh tarik and run

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    Teh Tarik run 2017

    For most people, hydrating before or during a run usually means guzzling down water or an isotonic drink. But drinking tea? And we don’t mean breakfast tea, Earl Grey or the Oolong, but the local “teh tarik” or pulled tea. You know, the frothy beverage you order with roti prata, mee rebus or nasi lemak.

    In Singapore, organisers are pulling together a world’s first ever Teh Tarik Run, in a bid to outdo the already bizarre Krispy Kreme run. The race requires runners to complete a 4 x 1km circuit and drink from a tik-gong (an old school way of serving tea in a condensed milk can) filled with teh tarik without spilling for every 1km set. That’s 4 vomit inducing sets. The tik-gongs will be included in the race pack to runners.

    If this run is your cup of tea, you can register now at for $28 before 15 February 2017. After that, runners will have to pay $35 to take part in the race.


    What you will be getting for the Teh Tarik Run 2017 registration fees:

    • An event tee with Teh Tarik Run 2017 printed on it to remind your of being one of the first to participate in a world’s first event.
    • A set of Starter Tik Kong and Finisher Tik Kong. Well, you will need 2 cans to do pulled tea at home anyway.
    • A Finisher Prata will be served at the end of the race. For the thirsty type, please bring your own water.

    At the end of the race, an After Event Prata Party will be held where the top 20 fastest runners will get to enjoy their pratas with mutton or chicken curry while others finishers will have to chuck down their flatbread with less premium curry.

    Teh Tarik Run takes place at Kallang River Side Park on Sunday, 9 April 2017.