Tempura perfection at legendary Ippoh Tempura Bar

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    Chef Masaru Seki

    Osaka’s oldest premium tempura restaurant just opened its new casual dining concept Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh at Dempsey. Famed for elevating tempura-making to an art form, Ippoh has captured the hearts and tastebuds of gourmands and foodies.

    Spread at Ippoh tempura bar

    What is special about Ippoh?

    Chef Masaru Seki, who is a fifth-generation member of the founding family, is bringing Ippoh’s light, crisp and delicately battered Osaka-style tempura to Singapore. Coming from the famed Ginza restaurant, they offer high-quality tempura dishes that follow strict culinary traditions since the beginning of the restaurant’s history that dates back to 1850.

    According to chef Seki, Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh uses only the very freshest and most premium ingredients that are seasonally available. The tempura is cooked in prime safflower oil so that the integrity of the flavours is maintained, without the greasiness that is usually associated with tempura.

    “To ensure that every piece of tempura is crisp yet cooked to perfection on the inside, each piece is fried individually, allowing the chef to control the oil temperature and how long each ingredient stays in the fryer,” said the chef himself.

    Temperature and tempura frying

    What to expect at this tempura restaurant?

    Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh introduces the lightly-battered Osaka-style tempura to a wider audience in Singapore, showcasing intricacies of this Japanese culinary art form. Guests can expect the same level of quality and service that’s synonymous with all Ippoh restaurants. “That’s the Ippoh promise.”

    The 1,200-sq ft restaurant is designed by world-renowned architect and designer, Paola Navone. The décor boasts an elegant yet organic aesthetic that exudes tranquility amidst an urban setting. The bamboo fixtures add a minimalist decorative accent that complements the modern furnishing.

    The restaurant has a seating capacity of 18, including a 12-seat tempura bar that allows guests to witness the individual preparation and immediate serving of each piece of tempura.

    For lunch, set menu options are priced from $60 to $100, while for dinner, the set menu options are priced from $140 to $200. Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh also has a specially curated selection of sakes, wines and beers to complement the tempura.

    Set meal at Ippoh tempura bar


    Article first published on TheFoodstuff.com.