The Butcher’s Kitchen at Suntec City lets you enjoy clean eating without breaking the bank

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    Pork steak at The Butcher's Kitchen
    Pork steak

    As ardent home cooks, we enjoy making conscious decisions about our food choices. Knowing exactly what goes into our food and where our meats and other produce came from are the stuff that get food geeks like us excited. So, when we recently came to know about The Butcher’s Kitchen’s farm to table concept, we were pretty keen to check it out.

    A good selection of organic, hormone free meats
    A good selection of organic, hormone free meats
    Bone Suckin' Sauce at The Butcher's Kitchen
    There is also a decent selection of sauces like this Bone Suckin’ Sauce that can be used for BBQ dishes

    The Butcher’s Kitchen, which opened in Oct 2016 at Suntec City is a grocer-restaurant. This mean you can shop there for various meats, sauces, wine and other ingredients to cook at home. Customers can also choose to dine at the restaurant. What sets the restaurant apart are their antibiotic and GMO-free grain fed or grass fed meats like chicken, pork and beef. For beef, you can pick between grass or grain fed.

    All said, the real test is how good the food actually taste. So let’s dig in.

    Chicken Breast with marinade, $16

    Chicken Breast, The Butcher's Kitchen

    Though somewhat bland looking, the grilled chicken turned out to be our favourite dish of the night. Lightly seasoned, it was tender and had the right level of smokiness. Hard to believe that something this healthy could taste so good! We also liked that the grilled vegetables on the side were not overcooked so there’s still a slight crunch to them – pity there wasn’t more of it. This dish is a must-try.

    Thousand Guineas Rib-eye Steak $38
    Ribeye at The Butcher's Kitchen
    Ribeye steak

    On the whole, this grain-fed steak was well seasoned and nicely charred on the sides. For $38, it was a good sized steak too. But while we love marbling in our steaks as much as the next person, this one was just too fatty—and not in a good way. We would put it down to the texture of the fat — it wasn’t melt-in-the-mouth but was instead slightly chewy.

    New Zealand King Salmon, $29
    Wild salmon
    Wild salmon. They wouldn’t tell us how they made the sauce

    There are two types of grilled salmon on the menu – one from Norway and the other is the wild King Salmon from New Zealand. Served with white wine and butter sauce, the King Salmon was very fresh and tasty. But for such good quality fish, we would be happy even if it was just lightly seasoned with salt and black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

    The Butcher’s Burger dog sandwich (pork) $10
    The Butcher's Kitchen Burger dog sandwich
    The ciabatta bread they used here are made in-house as well

    This hearty pork sandwich makes for a very satisfying meal. The best part about it were the amazingly crispy ciabatta bun and slightly sweet and creamy blue cheese sauce that balanced out the salty meat patty. You got to try this too.

    Signature Lamb Steak, $35

    It’s not easy to cook lamb dishes. You can destroy a good quality cut of lamb simply by slightly under- or overcooking the meat. The lamb steak here was cooked perfectly, retaining the juices and tenderness. It had a slight hint of gaminess, just enough for you to notice it.

    Lamb steak at The Butcher's Kitchen
    Lamb steak
    Lamb rack, The Butcher's Kitchen
    The lamb is cooked to perfect doneness

    The Butcher’s Kitchen also has a whole list of other dishes like pizzas and sausages. Whether it’s the pizza crust or the tubing of the sausages, the crew here basically do everything in-house so that they can ensure the quality of these dishes.

    Thin-crust pizzas
    Thin-crust pizzas
    The sausages are made in-house
    The sausages are made in-house


    It’s gelato galore at Butcher’s Kitchen! There are at least 20 different homemade gelato flavours ($5.80 single scoop) on offer including local favourites like Mao Shan Wang, Coconut Kaya, Cendol and D24. The intense coffee flavour of the tiramisu will surely please coffee lovers. So go on, bust your diet on those gelatos and while you’re at it, order some crispy waffles to go with all that creamy goodness. Totally worth it.

    3 scoops of gelato ice cream on waffles, The Butcher's Kitchen
    Gelato ice cream on waffles
    Gelato bar
    Gelato bar
     Features local Mao Shan Wang, Coconut Kaya and Cendol flavours, The Butcher's Kitchen
    They have local flavours like Mao Shan Wang, Coconut Kaya and Cendol

    Overall, whether you’re after clean eating or just out for a good, hearty meal that doesn’t break the bank, The Butcher’s Kitchen is worth checking out.

    The Butcher’s Kitchen

    Address: Suntec City Tower 1 & 2 (North wing),  #02-427

    Phone: +65 9616 0111

    Opening hours: 10am-10pm (daily), last order at 9.30pm



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