Improve your luck with Tim Ho Wan’s ‘Prosperity’ dim sum for CNY

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    Prosperity dishes from Tim Ho Wan

    Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan (添好運) has rolled out three new dishes exclusively for this Chinese New Year. Called Prosperity Dishes, these dim sum dishes are available in all Singapore branches from 5 February to 4 March 2015.

    Created by Michelin-starred Chef Mak Kwai Pui and the Tim Ho Wan Singapore team, these “new-generation” dim sum dishes are created to appeal to the palates of young Singaporeans. These 3 dishes are Auspicious Cheese Cake, Prosperity Sesame Ball and Lucky Purple Tapioca.

    Auspicious Cheese Cake

    The name itself is just weird on a dim sum menu. But to have the courage to conceptualise a cheese dim sum dish, the chefs involved must have been pretty confident of its taste. Made with 3 types of cheese – one of which is the strong flavoured blue cheese, the Auspicious Cheese Cake is finished with a sprinkling of chestnut powder and topped with pork floss.

    Auspicious Cheese Cake - Tim Ho Wan

    Prosperity Sesame Ball

    The Prosperity Sesame Ball is a fried glutinuous rice ball with a twist. Instead of the usual sweet version with red bean filling, this new creation is a savoury one with diced chicken and mushroom fillings.

    Prosperity Sesame Ball - Tim Ho Wan

    Lucky Purple Tapioca

    Nian gao (年糕) or sometimes called the Chinese New Year Cake is a popular dish during Lunar New Year. The chefs at Tim Ho Wan innovatively use the the nian gao as the skin for this dish to wrap the filling, which is a soft and sweet purple tapioca imported from Japan. The resulting orange ball is definitely more eye-catching than the traditional brown looking cake.

    Lucky Purple Tapioca - Tim Ho Wan

    The dishes are priced at S$3.80 each and are available at all five Tim Ho Wan restaurants. Takeaway options available. Tim Ho Wan will be closed from 18 to 20 Feb 2015 for the Lunar New Year.