Try Yu Sheng with a Japanese twist at Nadai Fujisoba Nihachi

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    With Chinese New Year approaching, Yu Sheng time is upon us again!

    As with previous years, restaurants are drawing in diners with various Yu Sheng offerings, including the more innovative ones like Yu Sheng arranged in the shape of a pup to welcome the Year of the Dog.

    Speaking of new Yu Sheng ideas, we recently got to try a Japanese Soba Yu Sheng by soba specialty House, Nadai Fujisoba Nihachi, or Fujisob for short. This interesting creation consists of finely shredded vegetables like raddish, carrots, purple cabbage, sushi gari (ginger) with salmon slices, seasoned octopus, seaweed and Jelly fish. Being a soba house, Fujisoba also added cold and fried soba noodles into the mix to give the dish some added crunch. Instead of the usual sweet and sour Chinese Plum Sauce, the Yu Sheng here uses a homemade sesame sauce. Overall, the Yu Sheng is very refreshing, has lots of crunchy texutres, thanks of the crackers and fried soba, and has a savoury touch from the dressing. The generous Yu Sheng portion is good for up to 8 people and comes at a very reasonable price of $38.80. If you want Yu Sheng with a slight twist this year, give Fujisoba Yu Sheng a try between 16 Jan -28 Feb.

    Celebrate the Japanese i Girl's Festival with Nadai Fujisoba Nihachi's Special Set ($19.80) -for a limited time only
    Celebrate the Japanese i Girl’s Festival with Nadai Fujisoba Nihachi’s Special Set ($19.80) – for a limited time only

    Another new seasonal item on the Fujisoba menu is the Girls’ Festival Special Set ($19.80). The limited time only set is meant to celebrate Hinamatsuri, or Doll’s Day, a special occasion in Japan celebrated on March 3 each year. It a a day to pray for the Health and happines of girls.

    The Girls’ Festival Special Set at Fujisoba consists of a mini chirashi sushi, Hamaguri Soba which is a soup soba dish that comes with 2 pieces of clams imported from Japan and a packet of candies known as Hina Arare snack. This special set will be available from 1 Feb – 31 March.



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