Everything you need to know about Tsukiji Fish Market

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    It is usually very crowded in the mornings but it's still very comfortable and easy to walk.

    Moving to a better place, the Tsukiji Fish Market was meant to open at its new location in November 2016. However, complaints about toxins in the ground of the new location in Toyosu put the planned move on ice – as reported by the Japan Times. The new custom-built facility stays closed and Tsukiji Fish Market where it is now. It’s reason enough to revisit the market and gather up some facts.

    Entrance of Tsukiji Fish Market
    Entrance of Tsukiji Fish Market
    Dried goods stall at Tsukiji Fish Market
    Dried goods stall selling seaweed, dried scallops and snacks

    Tsukiji Fish Market in Numbers

    • The market is 80 years old – and nearing its end.
    • 1800 tonnes of fresh, frozen, and processed seafood goes through the market every day.
    • Although it’s known for the tuna auctions, there are 480 different types of seafood sold daily – worth of 1,5 billion Japanese Yen (13 Million euros).
    • 42000 people work at or use the market.
    • There are a total 630 wholesale vendors.
    • An incredible 19000 vehicles come and go every day.
    • 1800 metric tonnes move every morning from 2am until noon.
    • Every 2 weeks there is another fish in season.
    • Uncountable meals made with that amount of seafood and fish.
    Fish delivery at Tsukiji Fish Market
    This man is delivering tuna to the restaurant

    Things You Need to Remember

    • Don’t be a bother. Keep out of restricted areas and let the personnel run their business. If you disrupt the fish auctions in any way, you will be kicked out without warning.
    • It’s wet and smells fishy. Leave your high heels and flip-flops at home, as you won’t get in. You might also want to avoid wearing your nicest clothes to prevent the staining fish smell.
    • Don’t bring small children or pets. The market is no zoo nor enjoyable for kids or your dog who probably will go crazy with all this food.
    • Don’t smoke a the market! This might be obvious, but considering that you can smoke in many bars and restaurants in Japan, some people think the market is no exception.
    • Don’t touch anything! You are not selling nor buying – only looking.
    • Stay close to the market on the night before your visit somewhere. Your transport options from the city to the Tsukiji Fish Market are rather limited that early morning.
    • It is cold! Even if you are visiting Tokyo during the summer month, you will need to bring a jacket or something else to keep you warm. Remember that you are looking ar frozen fish!

    Tsukiji Fish Market Opening Hours

    • Outer Market 5:00 am – 1:00 pm
    • Wholesale Market 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
    • Tuna Auction 5:00 am – 6:15 am

    Closed on Sundays, public holidays, and on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month

    Finger food stall at Tsukiji Fish Market
    There are many stalls like these selling finger food and grill meat.
    Giant scallops at Tsukiji Fish Market
    Giant scallops!
    Scallop stall at Tsukiji Fish Market
    The owner preparing the giant scallops

    Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場) Address

    5-2-1 Tsukiji (Tsukijishijo Station, Toei Oedo Subway)

    Tel: +81 03-3542-1111

    Tsukiji Market


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