What on earth are Alba white truffles and why Gordon Grill at Goodwood Park is featuring it

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    White truffles from Alba

    White truffle or “trifola d’Alba Madonna” is found mainly in the Langhe and Montferrat areas of the Piedmont region in northern Italy, while  the countryside area in city of Alba is the most famous harvesting ground. The white truffle season typically starts between the months of October and November and during this time, chefs around the world will pair dishes with shavings of this “diamond of the kitchen”.

    With creamy flesh and white marbling (not only meat has marbling, apparently), these mushrooms can easily fetch between S$3000 – S$6000.

    Truffles are rare and white truffles are even rarer. Not only do these truffles have to be foraged by special pigs, the quantity and quality of white truffles are deteriorating, making them ever more precious and expensive. Only one GrateNews member has ever tasted it and she described it as such:

    White truffles have a unique aroma and a complex earthy taste. Shaved over pasta, white truffles give the dish an exquisite taste and a creamy and sophisticated finish.

    Single White truffles from Alba

    If you are keen to have a taste of this exquisite ingredient, now is the time to check out Gordon Grill. In the month of November, the restaurant is featuring white Alba truffles or ‘trifola d’ Alba’ .

    Gordon Grill’s Executive Chef Gan Swee Lai will present 12 delectable new creations that best complement the white truffle, especially for this promotion. White truffle shavings are available at $26 per two grams. Guests may call the restaurant at (65) 6730 1744 or email: [email protected] for enquiries and reservations.

    The dishes you can expect include Wagyu beef carpaccio, celeriac remoulade, micro greens and creamy white truffle vinaigrette ($30), Roasted Dublin prawns, cauliflower puree and morel mushrooms ($32) as well as the White truffle scrambled eggs with green asparagus ($24).

    What better way to end the meal with a truffle-infused dessert. Options include Apple tarte tatin with white truffle ice cream ($16), Chestnut and white truffle crème brûlée or White truffle ice cream ($8 per scoop).

    Gordon Grill at Goodwood Park hotel