Top 20 supermarket treats from Bangkok

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    Treats at Bangkok supermarket

    We simply love shopping in Bangkok — from clothing, handicrafts to souvenirs at the malls, street vendors and night markets, we simply can’t stop! Apart from these places, the one place we always make a point to shop at in Bangkok is the supermarket.

    Granted, supermarket shopping is great in almost any destination you travel to. You get to bring back all your favourite snacks and sundry from the country. However, supermarket shopping in Bangkok holds a special place in our heart because of the enticing variety of ‘ready-to-consume’ fruit and desserts they offer. We simply couldn’t say no to the perfectly peeled wedges of pomelo or the irresistible mango sticky rice drizzled with sweet coconut milk — all at such reasonable prices. We realised we’re not alone in this, as the two supermarkets we visited in Bangkok during our recent trip there were packed with foreigners.

    Here are our top 20 supermarket buys from Bangkok. Also check out our feature on ‘8 must-try supermarket food items from Japan‘.

    “Yum Yum Jumbo” Tom Yum Kung instant noodles, S$1.96 for pack of 10

    Yum yum jumbo shrimp instant noodles, Bangkok supermarket

    Tao Kae Noi Big Sheet seaweed, S$2 per box

    Fried seaweed, Bangkok supermarket

    Arigato Cuttlefish Crackers, S$0.75

    Cuttlefish Crackers, Bangkok supermarket

    Glico Tom Yum Kung flavour Pretz, S$0.40 per box

    Tom yum kung flavour Pretz, Bangkok supermarket

    MAMA spicy Tom Yum Kung instant noodles, S$1.50 for pack of 10

    MAMA Oriental Style Instant Noodle Shrimp Tom Yum Hot & Spicy

    Tom Yum paste, S$0.70

    Tom Yum paste, Bangkok supermarket

    Stir-fry Pad thai sauce, S$1.05

    Stir-fry Pad thai sauce, Bangkok supermarket

    Thai tea mix, S$5.20 per tin

    Thai tea, Bangkok supermarket

    Tamarind candy, S$1.65

    Tamarind candy, Bangkok supermarket

    Peeled pomelo, S$2.75

    Peeled Pomelo, Bangkok supermarket

    Koh Kae peanut snack – assorted flavours, S$2.60 per can

    Koh Kae peanut snack, Bangkok supermarket

    Thailand beers – Singha, S$1.35 per can, Chang, S$2.10 per bottle

    Singha Beer, Bangkok supermarket

    Chang Beer, Bangkok supermarket

    Glico Larb flavour Pretz, S$0.40

    Larb flavour Pretz, Bangkok supermarket

    Ginger tea

    Ginger tea, Bangkok supermarket

    Dried mangoes, prices by weight

    Dried Mangoes, Bangkok supermarket

    Dried coconut, prices by weight

    Dried Coconut, Bangkok supermarket

    Coconut jelly, S$2

    Coconut Jelly, Bangkok supermarket

    Glico Choco Banana Pocky, S$0.50 per pack

    Choco Banana Pocky, Bangkok supermarket

    Assorted fresh fruit juices, prices vary

    Fresh Juices, Bangkok supermarket

    Fresh mangoes, prices by weight

    Fresh Mangoes, Bangkok supermarket

    For Bangkok, the two supermarkets we recommend you check out are Big C Supercentre located opposite Central World and Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon. Prices tend to be higher at Gourmet Market compared to Big C Supercentre but the former boasts wider aisles and offers a more upmarket shopping experience. Think of it as the difference between shopping at Sheng Siong and Cold Storage.