Windowsill Pies: Hits, misses and da bomb

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    We had almost forgotten about Windowsill Pies – a cafe we wanted to check out a year back but couldn’t locate while in the vicinity.

    Thanks to a dessert-fanatic friend visiting from overseas, our interest in the café was revived. So here we were one weekend, peering excitedly into Windowsill.

    The décor is adorable. Everything from the whimsical-looking wooden tree in the middle of the room to the long bench fashioned like a log and sprinkling of vintage looking pieces, conjure images of a cottage in the woods. We now see how being on the quiet side of Lavender adds to the café’s rustic charm.

    As its name suggests, the star here is its pies. So, we skipped the ‘distractions’ (sandwiches and salads), and headed straight for the kill.

    Picking the flavours was probably the hardest part. Of the 10 or so flavours — all sweet — we went with the morrelo cherry ($8), coconut lime vodka ($8), pecan pumpkin ($7), s’mores ($8) and white chocolate with truffle ($8).

    Despite being the prettiest of the lot, the first two were our least favourite. The sugary top crust of the morrelo cherry contrasted too sharply with the tart cherry filling. It had us grimacing at some point. The coconut lime pie with its bright zesty overtone wasn’t bad overall. But in trying to be fancy, the pie had jelly-like vodka cubes that were tongue-numbingly strong, while the handsome swirl of coconut-infused cream reminded us of dad’s stale hair cream.

    Windowsill Pies at Horne Road
    Pumpkin pecan pie and coconut vodka lime pie

    S’mores, one of the shop’s most popular orders, was a safe choice with its rich chocolate pudding and googey bed of marshmallows. But apart from being overly sweet, it was nothing out of the ordinary. To our surprise, the cookie crumble and chocolate truffle pie didn’t taste as weird as we thought. In fact, the aromatic truffle flavour added an interesting twist without being overpowering.

    We saved the best for last – but only because the pumpkin pecan was such a humble-looking pie with its uninspiring deep orange and dark brown hues. Boy, were we wrong! The subtly sweet pumpkin puree paired perfectly with the nutty flavours of chestnuts and smoky roasted pecans to hit all the right spots. Too bad we were already full from all the pies, or we would have gone for seconds.

    Windowsill Pies has it hits and misses. But the one wining formula here is its biscuit-like crust. Firm and flaky, the crust doesn’t sog-out from its juicy, moist filling and remains good to the last bite. We loved every shard of it.

    Windowsill pies
    78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078
    Tel: 9004 7827



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