Xiaomi rice cooker is minimalist’s dream come true

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    Xiaomi rice cooker

    Xiaomi, the tech firm from China that is better known for its value-for-money Android smartphones and tech wearables has launched a new sub-brand called “Mi Ecosystem”. Other than using this brand to house its line of air and water purifiers, it will also group the rest of its home products and appliances. The first product to be release from “Mi Ecosystem” is a minimalist looking rice cooker that costs only S$209.

    In typical Xiaomi style, the MIJIA Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker will price rice cookers of this calibre, especially the Japanese ones which can cost four times more, out of the water.

    If you are always fumbling over how much water to use (we use the palm in water method) or how not to turn rice into congee, this rice cooker will make cooking the perfect soft and fluffy rice a walk in the park. MIJIA rice cooker uses a cast iron bowl with Teflon coating and allows you to ‘personalise’ the softness of your rice using its Mi Home app. In order to achieve this feat, you can use the app to control the rice cooker’s 2,450 different heating methods.

    Xiaomi rice cooker

    Xiaomi rice cooker

    On top of that, owners of the rice cooker can expect perfect rice that suit their taste every time (some like it more al dente) by using their smartphone to scan the barcode on 200 different variety of rice. With the barcode information, the cooker will automatically adjusts its settings for the best method to perfectly cook these grains. Xiaomi says that it will expand this list in the future.

    MIJIA is really quite the looker with its contemporary, Swedish-like design. With almost no buttons at all, MIJIA is a great option for minimalist who can’t stand the sight of hideous controls and knobs.

    We are all for rice cooker that looks amazing, cook amazing rice and priced at an amazing rate, no matter which country is manufacturing it.