No kidding, these all-natural chicken eggs smell and taste like yuzu

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    yuzu tamago from Yamasaki Farm
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    Eggs are simply the most amazing food in the world. They are nutritious, versatile and very affordable. Eat them scrambled, fried or even sous vide at 63°C, these high protein goodness-in-shell are just about to even get better.

    From the country that brought you square watermelons, Japan’s latest food innovation comes from a small egg producer located in Kochi Prefecture called Yamasaki Farm. They have succeeded in producing eggs that smells and taste like yuzu, a citrus fruit that is popular in Japan and parts of Asia. Called yuzutama (short for ‘yuzu tamago’ or ‘yuzu eggs’), these eggs look no different from the eggs you normally buy at the supermarket. The yuzutama are produced naturally without additives and are said to give out an aromatic yuzu scent even before you crack them open.

    How did they do it? Well, you know the saying ‘you are what you eat’. According to Yamasaki Farm, its chickens munch on a diet of yuzu peel, pesticide-free kale, non-GMO corn, and sesame seeds. The yuzu peel in the chickens’ diet add a subtle yuzu aroma and sweetness to the eggs laid by these chickens. To best appreciate the yuzutama, Yamasaki recommends eating it simply with cooked rice, a simple breakfast dish in Japan called tamago kake gohan.

    “Greatly reducing the distinctive fishy smell in eggs, we have succeeded in giving them a refreshing citrus scent. They taste sweet and full-bodied, and the aroma stirs the appetite.” – Yamasaki Farm

    A pack of 6 retails for around S$5.50 (around 500 yen). Pretty reasonable considering the ‘super’ feed that goes into the chickens. According to RocketNews24, other than Kochi, a store called Marugoto Kochi in Ginza, Tokyo also carries them.

    The writer from RocketNews24 who did a taste test said, “The yolk has a mellow flavor, and the white has a great texture, not too soft and not too firm. And when you chew, there’s this invigorating wave of yuzu aroma coupled with a refreshing citrus taste that spreads through your mouth. I’ve never had an egg like this before”.

    We are now very egg-cited about yuzutama! Anyone heading to Tokyo?