8 ways to ‘huat’ this Chinese New Year

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    Coca-Cola CNY cans

    If you noticed a long queue at the bank on 4 February, that’s because it’s li chun 立春, which marks the first day of Spring. The day is supposedly the most auspicious one in the year to deposit money into your account. But if you missed the opportunity, there are still things you can do to start the lunar new year with a big bang.

    God of Fortune (photo by Erwin Soo on Flickr)

    1. Guide the God of Fortune into your home

    Help the God of Fortune find his way to your home by lighting up your house. Just before the stroke of midnight on the eve of CNY, get everyone to turn on every single light in the house and open all your windows to receive the good luck and fortune!

    2. Stay away from these foods

    While most people know what are the auspicious food to consume during this time, do you know what to avoid? Many old folks swear that you should avoid eating bitter gourd at all costs, as it signifies a bitter life ahead. Other foods to avoid include fried cuttlefish as it means being fired from your job in Chinese and gingko nut, which signifies it will be an unfruitful year in Cantonese.

    3. The lucky red

    We all know that red is an auspicious colour. So in addition to donning red clothes, why not further boost your luck by introducing more red items in your life. Some ideas include putting up red decor in the house and consuming ‘red food and drink’ such as bak kwa and Coca-Cola. Interestingly, to celebrate the season, Coca-Cola has come up with 8 Chinese New Year-themed cans bearing auspicious characters such as 旺, 福 and 满. Drink up all that luck!

    4. Improve your love luck

    Singles, this one’s for you if you’re looking for a partner. To ‘attract’ some cupid love this year, go to a river or sea and throw in a fruit on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. The custom is for the ladies to toss an orange into the water and men to throw apples. Give it a shot by all means, but we won’t really encourage this. Remember the bloke who was recently fined S$19,800 for littering?

    5. What to do if you can’t pay off all your debts

    You’ve probably heard the saying that you should clear any debts before CNY as a way of signifying surplus. But what happens if you are unable to pay off, say, your home or car loan, completely? To turn that around, make a partial payment to each debt as a symbol of positive action.

    6.  No news is good news indeed

    By that we mean, do not watch or read the news. With all the bad news about terrorism and plane crashes going on lately, it’s wise to tune out the negativity. (It’s still ok to read GrateNews.com… Just saying.)

    7. Save that lo hei fish

    Most people know that leftover food during Chinese New Year symbolises abundance. But did you know that it’s just as auspicious to set aside a slice of fish during lo hei?


    8. Make your first CNY visitor a happy one

    The first visitor to your home on CNY determines how your luck will turn out for the year. A grumpy friend or relative-first visitor will start your year on a negative vibe. So time your invites wisely!


    Cultivating good luck and starting the New Year on the right foot (or was it the left?) is an important tradition for the Chinese over the Lunar New Year. Regardless of whether you decide to don red underwear, down a can of auspicious Coke, or avoid getting caught throwing fruits into the river (we wouldn’t really recommend this), here’s wishing you a healthy and lucky upcoming Lunar New Year from us at GrateNews!