9 reasons we are against killing stray cats

    We’re not sure whether Act Collective got the publicity they wanted with their “Kill Stray Cats” flyers, which angered animal welfare groups in Singapore.

    After all, they can’t surprised by the negative publicity after putting out such as offensive message.

    As it turned out, the flyer was meant to promote the art management group’s satirical performance-exhibition against evil acts.

    But if there really were a genuine message out there advocating the culling of stray cats, we know we could just never do it, and here’s why:

    1. They simply adore us

    Stray cats can be loving and adorable

    2. As pets, they miss us so much when we’re away

    Stray cats just sit there and look cute

    3. Their curiosity piques ours too

    Stray cats are curious creatures

    4. They look lovely even when bored, and they can look very bored

    Stray cats get bored like us

    5. They are so much like us

    They give the finger too

    6. …even in their sleep

    They look really comfortable sleeping

     7. They look pass differences to make friends with their natural enemies

    They make friends with dogs

    8. They are such a sport

    They's great sport

    9. They make us laugh

    Stray cats make us laugh