Abandoned Bangkok mall turns into massive aquarium

    From the outside, the building looks just like any neglected construction. But behind the site’s nondescript façade in Old Town Bangkok lies a sanctuary for thousands of the exotic species of koi fish.

    The New World mall, meant to be an 11-storey building, started construction in the 1980s. But it got canned midway as the mall did not obtain authority’s approval. A fire that broke out in the building a few years later reportedly killed some people and left it roofless. Water started collecting in the building after the rainy season, creating a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects.


    To fight the infestation, the locals came up with the brilliant idea of breeding freshwater catfish and koi fish in the mall’s water to feed on the insects. And how successful their plan turned out to be.

    Recently, the decrepit building drew renewed interest after blogger Jesse Rockwell posted images of it on his site. According to Bangkok Post, the 1600-square feet building started drawing local visitors as well as tourists, prompting the authorities to set up barricades to prevent access as the structure was considered unsafe.

    a-lot-of-fish-2  close-up-2