Bulgarians vandalize soviet monument, pisses Russia off

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    soviet monument vandalized

    In Sofia, Bulgaria, stands a monument dedicated to the the Soviet Union’s 1944 “liberation” of the country. In 2011, a graffiti artist decided it was a good idea to turn the monument into a tribute to some of his favourite superhero/comic book related characters… featuring a varied cast that includes Captain America, Superman, the Joker, a dude carrying knives who looks like Santa Claus and superhero who feeds the world with dubious sources of meat, Ronald McDonald. That had to be cleaned for a cost of USD720.

    It wouldn’t be too long though, before someone decided to try their luck at pissing off the Russians again. In 2013, the monument was painted entirely pink, with the words “Bulgaria Apologises” … much to the delight of the world, except the Russians.

    Most recently in February, a soldier was painted in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and just last week, another was painted in red. Well, this didn’t sit too well with the Russians. Their Foreign Ministry issued a harshly worded statement: “In connection with the outrageous act of vandalism, a note of protest was promptly lodged with the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry with a demand for taking measures to prevent such incidents in the future, bringing those responsible for breaching the law to justice and putting the grave and the monument in order.”

    Well done, people of Bulgaria.