Myth or fact: Top 8 feng shui beliefs revealed

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    Have you been told that keeping fish in the house brings good Feng Shui? How about the saying that you should wear red for important occasions because it’s a winner’s colour? According to Datuk Joey Yap, founder and CEO of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and Chief Consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group, some of these practices are simply myths. In some situations, you may even be practising the wrong kind of Feng Shui. Here are 8 common beliefs of Feng Shui, let’s find out whether there are some truths to them or simply old wives’ tales.

    1. Objects can enhance luck

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    Myth: Some objects are believed to exude negative or positive Qi. Placing art objects that have an arbitrarily derived “Oriental” look and feel can activate the power of Feng Shui.

    Fact: However aesthetically pleasing, objects cannot do much to the enhance your luck on the whole. Its purpose is entirely decorative.

    2. The under water taboo

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    Myth: Having an object with a water feature such as a fish tank, water tank or jacuzzi above you is a sign of suffocation and danger.

    Fact: In Feng Shui, water can help gather auspicious Qi or energy. If a certain area in a property has beneficial Qi, water would be well suited for that area of the house. There is no policy on whether the water should be above you.

    3. Strength in numbers

    Myth: Numbers can be lucky or unlucky. An unlucky example is the number‘4,’ which in Chinese languages is a homonym of death. Other numbers like 1, 6, or 8 on the other hand are homonyms of positive words.

    Fact: Numbers do not have any Feng Shui effects. The concept of unlucky or lucky numbers are simply a myth and a superstition.

    4.The elusive ‘love sector’

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    Myth: Enhancing the ‘love corner’ of a house will immediately boost one’s love life and improve the chances of you getting married sooner.

    Fact: Feng Shui cannot create love; it can only create opportunities. There are types of Qi that can help you become a more pleasant, likeable and attractive person to others. However, having such good Qi can only do so much to boost your love life if you sit back and do nothing.

    5. The mirror of abundance

    Myth: Placing a large mirror over the dining table will bring an abundance of food as it is doubled by the reflection in the mirror.

    Fact: A reflection in the mirror means nothing because when the food is finished in the real world, it also disappears in the mirrored world. Mirrors cannot do more than just reflect what is present.

    6. The auspicious ‘Feng Shui’ fish

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    Myth: Keeping fish in a pond or tank will help divert bad luck and rearing exotic fish with ‘special’ markings and colours will help enhance wealth and business.

    Fact: A fish is just a fish. While rearing exotic fish is no doubt a worthy pastime, fishes do not have any effect on Feng Shui.

    7. Combating ‘back-stabbing’ at the office

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    Myth: Sitting with your back to a window in the office signifies a lack of support at work and sticking a mirror to your computer and placing a tortoise figurine behind you can help divert Sha Qi away from you.

    Fact: Mirrors and object placement are not considered primary Feng Shui prescriptions. If there are actual negative Feng Shui features such as sharp angles pointing directly into your window, simply keep the blinds of the window closed.

    8. The case of auspicious colours

    Myth: Painting your kitchen, bedroom or living room in bright colours that represent the elements can enhance the room’s Qi or energy.

    Fact: Painting your rooms a particular colour has no Feng Shui effect. What matters more is where your stove is located in the kitchen or the shape of your room.

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