Why you should make Sorgenfresser your kid’s best pal

    Sorgenfresser Worry Eater
    Oooooh...look what I found!

    After Disney’s Frozen, the Sorgenfresser Worry Eater might just be the next big hit for kids. In fact, these monster plushies are tipped by Amazon to be one of the top 20 toys this Christmas.

    These cuddly monsters are not just, well, a cute face. They are said to help children banish their fears or worries by literally swallowing up their worries. Children are encouraged to write or draw a picture of the things that upset them, put them in the soft toy’s mouth and gulp… zip them away.

    Apart from ‘locking away’ unhappiness, the toy also helps parents discover and potentially address any fears or anxiety that the child may be struggling to articulate or feel too embarrassed to raise.

    Saggo, the first Sorgenfresser was created by a German animator in 2008. Today, together with Frula, Betti, Biff and many others, the monster family has become a hit in Europe.

    Want one for junior (or yourself)? Buy it on Amazon for £15-£30


    Sorgenfresser family
    Sorgenfresser family