Yucks! But sleeping with onions may be good for you

    Image source: Darwin Bell

    We’ve just learnt about a cheap and easy way to help our body detox and get rid of toxins. But you’ve got to be game enough to try it.

    It involves putting slices of onion on the soles of your feet, covering it with a pair of socks and going to bed with it. According to traditional Chinese medicine, we have some 7,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet called ‘meridians’ that are directly connected to different organs. By putting a slice of onion to each foot, we allow the purifying effects of the onion to permeate our skin and find their way to our organs to carry out the detoxification while we sleep. You may want to use organic onions (white or purple is fine) for this purpose so you don’t end up absorbing the pesticides from the onion slices. It is also not advisable to re-use the onions as they may be contaminated with toxins. You’re probably going to wake up smelling rather bad the next day but hey, at least you will be rejuvenated from inside out.

    Other ways to stimulate the meridians on your feet include walking barefooted, as that lets you ground yourself with the earth’s negative ion field source.