Hungry Ghost Festival: We dare you to look at these haunting images

    Hungry Ghost Festival

    In celebration of the Hungry Ghost Festival (27 Jul – 24 Aug) across Asia, we go in search of some of the most impressive macabre photography.  Produced by conceptual photographers such as Christopher McKenney and Joshua Hoffine, these works of art so skillfully blend the macabre with beauty, they will both horrify and mesmerise you. Hopefully, these images are the only things that will spook you this Hungry Ghost Festival.

    Chsristopher McKenney, US

    Christopher Mckenney Christopher Mckenney Christopher Mckenney

    Joshua Hoffine, US

    Joshu HoffineJoshu HoffineJoshu Hoffine

    Zhang Peng, China

    Zhang PengZhang PengZhang Peng

    Danielle Tunstall, UK

    Danielle TunstallDanielle TunstallDanielle Tunstall