Rats! Is Singapore over running with rodents?

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    Singapore may be known as a clean city but a recent spate of rat infestation cases got us thinking whether our country is really that squeaky clean after all. Or is there a serious issue with the way we’re managing our waste disposal, after all, these scavengers feed on our scrapes or whatever edible scrapes they can find. Has Singapore’s rat issue become bigger than we can manage? We take a look at some high profile rat infestation cases in recent months.

    Bundle of ‘joy’

    The most recent case of rat infestation took place at Block 448 Clementi Hawker Centre. Intrigued by scraps of falling paper from the ceiling, a stall owner got up on the ladder to investigate, only to discover a nest of rats nestling among shreds of paper. 

    ‘Giam chai’ rat

    rats infestation in singapore
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    A diner at a porridge buffet restaurant was scooping into a pot of salted vegetables at Hotpot Culture when he discovered a rat carcass floating in the broth. According to a report in Todayonline, it was “business as usual” after the tray was removed. The restaurant, located at Marina Square continued to serve customers until the NEA (National Environment Agency) arrived for inspection that evening. The restaurant has since been suspended. 

    Making a mountain out of a rat hill

    You must have seen the viral video on the rat infestation in Bukit Batok. Rats running amok in the hill area near Bukit Batok MRT, scaring humans and stray dogs alike. Pest control finally put an end to the rodent party after 3-weeks of intense action involving 22 men, traps, poison and infra-red motion detector cameras. Over 200 rats were caught.



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