Real-life sea monsters that live in our time

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    9-metre long squid found in Spain

    While the Loch Ness monster continues to elude us and aliens keep their distance to avoid being confined to Area 51, deep down we all know that monsters live among us. The world is full of mysteries and these amazing creatures discovered in recent years are proof of that. Whether you think that they are cleverly photoshopped or shaped with latex to shock innocent beach-goers, some of these creatures are actually seen and touched by hundreds around the world. We are inclined to believe that Godzilla might really be among us.

    1. 48-metre squid, California

    Found on the beaches of Santa Monica, California, scientists believe that this 48-metre giant squid came from the waters near the Fukushima Futaba nuclear power plant in Japan. One wonders whether the mutant had been feeding on nuclear leaks. Many photo experts dispelled this image as a fake and that the squid is actually an equally gigantic 9-metre long squid that washed ashore in Spain in October 2013 (See main image).

    giant squid
    Many photo experts dispelled this image as a fake

    2. Sea monster, Cambodia

    Watch this amazing video of Cambodians trying to move this massive creature onto a truck. Some believe that the monster is a rare species of the blue whale called Mysticeti. This sea monster is estimated to be 27-metre in length and weigh 120 tonnes.

    3. Sea serpent, California

    Measuring 5.4 metres, this serpent-like oarfish was discovered by a marine biologist off the Southern California coast.

    Serpent-like oarfish
    Serpent-like oarfish

    4. Montauk Monster, New York

    The Montauk Monster was an animal carcass thought to be a raccoon. It was washed ashore on a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York in July 2008. Some experts believed that the creature is a ‘fake corpse’ made with latex. The whereabouts of the carcass is currently unknown. City folks, don’t assume you’re safe from wildlife.

    Montauk Monster
    Montauk Monster

    5. Unicorn of the Sea, Australia

    A deep-sea glow worm (Pyrostremma spinosum) called ‘Unicorn of the Sea’ was captured on camera by a group of deep sea divers off Tasmania. These rare creatures can grow up to 30 metres long. Watch the video and see if you can figure out why it’s called the ‘unicorn”.

    Pyrostremma spinosum
    ‘Unicorn of the sea’, Pyrostremma spinosum

    6. Horned sea monster, Spain

    A four-metre-long creature with what appear to be horns, was found decomposing on Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain. Experts are still baffled by this strange discovery and can’t decide whether it is a dinosaur, sea dragon or an oarfish. What do you think?

    Sea dragon
    Sea dragon?

    7. Giant Jellyfish, Japan

    Jellyfish invasion! In 2005, Japanese waters were besieged with a shoal of Nomura’s jellyfish. Don’t ever let their beautiful and angelic cover fool you, these over-grown species of jellyfish are vicious with their toxic stings. Experts are expecting another wave of these  soon.

    Giant jellyfish

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