Singapore records new National Day song in Tamil for 50th birthday

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    National Day song in Tamil
    Fisher Chia @flickr
    To celebrate the country’s 50 years of independence, Singapore has launched a new National Day song in Tamil, the fourth official language of Singapore!

    According to Times of India, the song was composed by a five-member team.

    Logapreyan Renganathan, leader of the music composition project, said to Sunday Times that he wanted to create something different for SG50.

    “Song and dance are part of our Indian culture, so why not leverage on something we’re proud of,” said Renganathan.

    The completion of the song’s lyrics and music video took a span of six months and involved 19 young performers and classical musical instruments such as kompang, tanggu, war drum and more.

    Also, it was reported that the music composition project team received S$50,000 grant from the SG50 Celebration Fund for the project.

    “Many National Day songs are written by stars and for stars. I wanted to have a song written for the people by the people,” Renganathan added.

    This post first appeared on TheHive.Asia.