Someone else could sell your Instagram shots for $90k

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    Richard Prince's

    Never been good at taking pictures? No worries, it’s now been proven that artistic talent isn’t always required to make money off art.

    Take Robert Prince, for instance. According to Vulture, this man recently sold a collection of Instagram prints for US$90,000 a pop, and get this – none of those prints were even taken by him. In fact, these “New Portraits” displayed at the Frieze Art Fair in New York were simply Instagram screenshots of famous artists, porn stars, and various random hot women, inkjet printed on 6-foot tall canvas.

    Prince has quite the controversial track record in reproducing art pieces of others. He makes “minute changes” before releasing them as his own piece of art. Yeah, apparently that’s legal.

    It really gives new meaning to the point of not posting anything you wouldn’t want the public to see, on your social media accounts. It also serves as a timely reminder that we do not truly own whatever we post online, despite an Instagram spokesman telling The Washington Post that it is well within the rights of Instagram content owners to enforce their legal rights (just don’t get Instagram involved).

    In short, it’s a lot of trouble to press charges against Prince, and do it at your own peril; a lawsuit was previously awarded in his favour for his “transformative work”.

    Actually, we think there’s something captivating about some of Prince’s selected prints, but really, why would people pay US$90,000 for these, again?