Does the recent breast cancer awareness campaign look like a booby trap to you?

    We can’t help but feel that the recent Nestle FITNESS breast cancer awareness campaign comes off as somewhat of a, well, booby trap.

    The campaign, which coincides with the breast cancer awareness month in October, involves getting an actress to wear a bra fitted with a camera and stroll around London for a day. The camera captures wandering eyes of men and women.

    The thing is, the actress was wearing her blouse unbuttoned nearly to her waist with the bright pink (yeah, no less) bra more than peeking out. How does one not look? Notwithstanding, you got to give it to the makers for producing such an entertaining video that contributes to a good cause. Most importantly, the message at the end had a clever call-to-action message:  ‘Your breasts are checked out every day. So when was the last time you checked your own? Checking your breasts regularly helps prevent breast cancer.’

    What’s your take on the campaign?

    For more information on breast cancer in Singapore, visit the Singapore Cancer Society website