Watch: Insane World Yo-Yo Contest winning routine

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    Remember the days of the Pro-Yo II and Bumblebee yo-yo craze? Them yo-yos were the answer to being the cool kid in town. Nail a “man on the flying trapeze” trick and you’re suddenly THE MAN.

    Well take that trick and repeat it in a million different ways – and you still wouldn’t even be dreaming of going heads up against Gentry Stein, this year’s World Yo-Yo Contest champion in the 1A freestyle category.

    Take a look at his jaw-dropping winning routine above to see what we mean.

    Japan’s Takeshi Matsuura just lost out to Stein by the skin of his teeth, but he’s just as inhuman.

    Might as well show you his routine too, it’s crazy stuff.